Streetscapes: Street photography largely devoid of people

  • “In street photography quality can come out of quantity. ... The photographer should not be enslaved to the camera. The camera is the photographer’s tool.”
    —Daido Moriyama

    Manhattan and lately Brooklyn

    de Chirico, Hopper, Saul Leiter, W Eugene Smith, Daido Moriyama

Urban Jungle
IRL: Fashion-centric vlogs, shorts, trailers

  • Pre-Pandemic:
    At the intersection of design, commerce, art, sex and politics

    Backstage, retail, event
    Soundtrack: various

Video 1

NFTs: Video art and art video

  • Post-Pandemic:
    Transforms in the Crush of Tectonic Changes

    Collaborator: María Schön
    Channeling: John Chamberlain
    Soundtrack: the sound of the Universe

Slow Crush: The Dream of the Female Figure Begins

  • “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”
    —WB Yeates

    Paleo AI from the beginnings of text-to-image

    DOLLY: Dall-E 2
    Fierce: Adobe Firefly
    Unstable: Stability AI

    Alberto Mielgo, Frank Miller, Hajime Sorayama, Yoji Shinkawa, Jamie Hewlett, Batman, Harley Quinn

    Soundtrack: Bullet the Blue Sky (U2)

DOLLY Portraits
DOLLY Figures
Fierce Portraits
Fierce Figures
Unstable Portraits
Unstable Figures

Landmarks: The Iconic Buildings Reimagined
St Marks Basilica
The Parthenon
Empire State Building
Sydney Opera House
Photobooks: NYC Streetscapes

  • It’s all there in color and black-and-white:
    the new and the old; the familiar and the unexpected; buildings, streets, skylines, shadows, billboards, water towers, reflections, lampposts, fire escapes; the urban jungle; Gotham; the soaring ambition and countless dreams…

Book NYC Midtown 1
Photographs NYC Midtown 2
Photographs NYC Midtown 3
Photographs NYC Midtown 4
Photographs NYC Highline
Photographs NYC Hudson Yards 1
Photographs NYC iPhoneXS 1
Photographs NYC iPhoneXS 2
Photographs NYC LES/Chinatown
Photographs NYC Roosevelt Island
Photographs NYC iPhoneXS 3 B&W
Photographs NYC Hudson Yards 2

AI Zines: Slow Crush

  • distracted by disjointed fragments of strange future dreams, Asian girls form Kraków, pieces of starships glowing greenish blue in forcefields, silence pierced by squalls of inaudible waves, then a droning hum, dark matter unseen, surround in a primordial sludge whatever is left of you, like on flickering fragments of Dawson City celluloid strips,[*] faces scowl, bejeweled belly dancers from Salome’s dream of St John, helmets, masks, ruined cities on the edge of time, rays of light iris like stars on the black sky, a smoking cigarette, an impossibly twisted arm, she’s sitting on the edge of what is left of the roof ledge at night—how long, how long can this go on

DOLLY Figures 1
DOLLY Figures 1
Fierce Portraits 1
Unstable Figures 1

AI Zines: Landmarks

  • Venice, the medieval superpower that shaped Europe and much of the contemporary world. Where, appropriately, Jakob Fugger, the richest man who ever lived, had learned as a young man the newly invented double-entry accounting before he went on to build an empire and make Emperors and Popes. One of the rare exalted places in the world. With its history, uniqueness, beauty, mystique, culture and art—and in this time of acceleration and convergence of everything, pandemic, climate change, the fourth turning, the technological, economic, political, social, cultural revolution—will Venice continue to capture the human imagination? Inspire and shape the world in some way? Will it remain a nexus of sorts in our consciousness? Or will it, like Atlantis, slowly sink into the waters of the Adriatic Sea and become a legend?

Venice St Marks Basilica
NYC Empire State Building
Athens The Parthenon
Sydney Opera House

Collaborations: Joe Strand

  • joe strand’s fascination, dedication, steadfastness, unique point of view, pushing of the edge artistically, visually, technologically, fearlessness, energy, tirelessness, self-confidence, intuitiveness, curiosity and youthfulness all go into this “stuff.” of which memories and dreams are made. cars, planes, trains, boats, babes and the whole mad world. at this turn of the century, who knows what beast is slouching where?

    here we show some of the cars. one hopes this is but a beginning of sorts…

    pd, october 2006

Fierce Portraits 1
DOLLY Portraits 1
DOLLY Figures 1
DOLLY Figures 1

I’m a creative using digital photography, video, 3D rendering, post-processing, writing and AI to create intertwining imagery and narratives.

These focus thematically on urbanscape, fashion and the female figure—with the inherent and contextual aesthetic and semantic values—as contemporary art, hedonic experience and socio-political commentary.

Technically, I’m interested in private LLMs and GPTs, as developing creative tools, and in self-custodial NFTs, both as a monetization platform and a means of tokenizing intellectual property.

info, hire, buy, collaborate
+1 914 645 4600