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Cutler - NYFW Parsons MFA 2017 Backstage
Greedilous NYFW FW18 Faces
Just in XX NYFW FW18 Backstage
NYFW Parsons MFA 2017 Show
Opioid Crisis Warning
Edge Media Digital Teaser


Photographs NYC Top 50 v 1
Photographs NYC Midtown 1
Photographs NYC Midtown 2
Photographs NYC Midtown 3
Photographs NYC Midtown 4
Photographs NYC iPhoneXS 1
Photographs NYC iPhoneXS 2
Photographs NYC Higline
Photographs NYC LES/Chinatown
Photographs NYC Roosevelt Island
Photographs NYC Hudson Yards 1
Photographs NYC BQE 1
“Jello USA, or Ulcerated Sphincters of Asserica (as in the Wachowski brothers). When was the last time you saw a grown man photograph jello he had cooked? Such is Joe’s passion. Postcards from the other side. Colorful, dark and sweet in a way. I thought I saw a red blood cell, breast implant, discarded frozen balls, Darth Vader, hurricane on a tablecloth... It’s not photography and it’s not food. It’s food for mood...”
Circus, Circus USA
“Circus, circus USA... The tragic lives of third rate clowns. Or are they same Icarii under a blue tent sky that once seemed grand but looks small and worn out now? Are they all Russians? Subconscious shadows play through the mist of fumes: she hanging by a thread; he, on top, the master of same strange machine?... The spinning gyre tethered to all corners af the world, upside-down contortionists balancing as if out of an old waman’s hand, Masonic stars... All in cotton candy and baloon colors worthy of Koons... Joe said, I’m Deadalus, that’s why I’m still alive.”
Allhallows Eve
“allhallows eve new york city 2006 captured by joe strand. color-adjusted but unretouched, the images tell it all. the wonderwoman, the cat woman, marie antoinette, the whores of babylon, latin sweet sixteens, the holy inquisition, pagan saints, the werewolves of london, the golden calf, the gnomes of zürich with their wives, puppets and puppet masters, asian mona lisa and the ghost of kurosawa, aerosmith dressed as kiss, cavemen, american marching bands, cindy sherman, vicious clowns, fairies, sailors and virgins, lost souls, assorted other ghosts, the bewildered herds and zombies—all came to the party... there’s nothing left to say.” december 2006
car delirious
“joe strand’s fascination, dedication, steadfastness, unique point of view, pushing of the edge artistically, visually, technologically, fearlessness, energy, tirelessness, self-confidence, intuitiveness, curiosity and youthfulness all go into this “stuff.” of which memories and dreams are made. cars, planes, trains, boats, babes and the whole mad world. at this turn of the century, who knows what beast is slouching where? here we show some of the cars. one hopes this is but a beginnig of sorts...” october 2006
Thanks Giving
“2009, hah, the lost decade. kinda looked better as it was going on than at the end... it’s all lost now: w, neo-cons, 9/11, anthrax, delay, two wars, trillion+ deficits, bernie, gs... you get the drift. obama now. haiti: god hates the weak... what’s the future hold? google knows. apple. bric. for now we’re giving thanks. the american way: everyone is great. have a nice day...” january 2010
“Ah the warmth and sweet smell of Spring!”

Edge Media Studio

Edge Media StudioEdge Media Studio
In 2001 I was the owner, curator and printmaker at Edge Media Studio, a digital fine art print gallery in Sag Harbor, NY. The gallery exhibited exclusively solo shows by artists for whom I created prints ...